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Hey There Nerds!!!

What is up my nerds?! It has been a hot minute since I wrote one of these, I don't know how some people find the time. But here I am. I am not going to promise we are going to post at any certain amount of time but I will do my best to write better for you who want to know what is going on in our store.

Some news, recently we had to let go a employee for a few too many mistakes, though when I was under a ton of stress and had to go to a hospital I had her parents come in and help out the shop and she gave them a ton of pointers on what to do and for that she will always get a high referral if we are ever asked. We hired a new kid, 19, so a kid to me. The boy (Hez) works hard and has some OCD issues, let me tell you that is a blessing with sorting comics. What was a fun past time for me to sort books he has made me look sad with how fast and accurate he sorts. He has a loving mom and a gf that he adores or at least shows that he cares beyond what most young people do. He is learning how to input comics into our system so that we can get ahead once more. Being on the spectrum i think he will get it and he has already caught mistakes and quickly fixes them. What more could you ask for in a employee. Today he also clocked in in our new system and was shocked that I had made him an assistant manager. When there is only 2 people what do you do, lol. He seemed shocked so I am sure he is going to brag it up to his friends and family and for that I am glad he puts so much effort into his job. Keeps it up raises are fast coming that's for sure.

As for store front news, we reimaged our shop. Made it more of a stream lined trip around and opened up space for our gaming groups. We are far from being able to get 16 people to sit at tables and play but maybe in the next year or 2 we will move to a much bigger place. And that will be a blessing and a curse, blessing for the space, and the areas we can do stuff. Curse bc well I don't want to move my shit yet again if i can help it. I am too old and fat to be doing this every so many years. But if it means more room and a better place for nerds to game in any way we can offer I will do that. Being a small business I still have to work my real job at the coal mines. And I do hope in a few years we crack the 100k profit area so that I can run my store full time and not feel like I am always behind. As of right now I am 2-3 weeks behind in getting new books onto the website where at one point in January I was actually 2 weeks ahead, but life hits and when it does it hits hard as my friends can all attest to.

Last bit of news I got to recently hang out with Brian of Cheers to Comics Podcast and store and take him to Devils Tower for a walk and talk. This guy is great and after only knowing him for roughly a year I would say he is one of my better friends and I would gladly help him in a pinch if it ever came to that. We live 4-6 hours apart but you know a weekend here or there for hanging out and having fun is always a great way to get your batteries restarted for the drudgery of life. Well I will leave this blog with a THANKYOU code word. For the next 2 weeks anyone who uses the code will get 25% of the order they place. Thank you for being a friend, a nerd, and a lover of pop culture. Please check in on your friends and check on their mental health. Adult men are the worse for admitting they have issues because we don't want to seem like babies but I will say this it means a lot to any one I know when they are asked so ask a friend. It may save a life.

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