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Hello again everyone who reads this, the baby code is still in effect for anyone who uses it, the few who have read this have not taken advantage of it so far so meh no loss for us right and no gains for those who buy from us. We found out with blood testing we are having a Boy! As a guy i am excited, and as a older guy I am very nervous. That doesn't mean I wont be a good dad, good lord I hope I am that's for sure. but with all that out of the way. Guys...Men... How are you mentally? Holidays are coming soon and this is a rough patch for men with depression who don't want to talk about how they feel. I'm no therapist, I see one on a regular basis and let me tell you it helps. but if any and I do mean any of you need to reach out, Dilon and Myself are here to lend a ear. Lonely people come into our shop a lot of days. Not to buy but for a chance to open up and be them selves. We don't care to make a sale if you just need a place to unwind, sit on the couch or old chair we have and shoot the breeze with us for a hour or two. I give Dilon a hard time for giving up his work duties to talk but it is great from the office while I work to hear a young man talk about all his hobbies and pulls for cards or even what games he is playing with what game system. Knowing that person will travel back home, in our town or elsewhere, and feel more like themselves is one of the best rewards as a store owner I have ever had.

For comic news we just made our order for halloween comics, so if those are something you are interested in come October please make sure to request 1 by saying "Trick or Treat" for your free copies, we are going to hand out 2 per person for free then after that they will be $1 each. then come December they will go to fair market value. And let me tell you, some of these books the last few years have sky rocketed and fast. Kate Bishop is a prime example. Comics are also becoming a hot commodity again in the last couple of months and we are matching our prices as fast as we can, but I wouldn't lie to you I would jump on the older and back issues fast before we bump them up. Other wise we have put on close to 200 spawn issues and 100 older detective comics issues this week, so if you are a fan of those jump on them fast they dont last long for us.

I leave this letter today with another reminder for Men everyone knows, ASK them how they really are doing. Give them some kind of praise, that's what everyone loves to hear. A fist bump can go a long ways for no other reason then to say I got you brother. And feel free to message us nerds if you need to talk and don't have anyone else to talk with. Much Love friends!! Stay Nerdy!!!

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