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Cover A Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover


Written by

  • Alyssa Wong

    Peach Momoko

    DJ Bryant

Art by

  • Peach Momoko

    Ken Niimura


Face front, Venomaniacs, because we've got even MORE never-before-seen and ALL-NEW symbiote stories to show you!

  • First, Deadpool scribe ALYSSA WONG and revolutionary artist KEN NIIMURA unite to introduce a symbiotic superstar inspired by anime and manga who's about to take the Multiverse by storm!
  • Then industry superstar PEACH MOMOKO is about to make your skin crawl, with a tale of some fearsome flora the likes of which you've never seen! Move over, Groot, there's a NEW plant in the spotlight of the Marvel U, and this one's a KILLER!
  • And lastly! VENOM NOIR! You've heard of Spider-Man Noir - now meet his totemic and terrible opposite as this reality's symbiotic hive gets explored for the very first time!

Extreme Venomverse #4 Cover A

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