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Written by

  • Larry Hama

Art by

  • Kewber Baal

From loyally serving his country in the Special Forces, to protecting the world as an elite G.I. JOE warrior, he's seen his fair share of triumphs and tragedies. And now, with a new, unknown threat on the horizon, his chaotic past will clash headlong with his precarious present as he prepares to help his fellow JOEs stave off Cobra's latest attempt at global terror. His name is Vincent R. Falcone... and this is SPOTLIGHT: LT. FALCON!

Living Legend Larry Hama and fan-favorite artist Kewbar Baal (James Bond) join forces to share the newest action-adventure of G.I. Joe's resident Green Beret!


Regular Freddie E Williams II Cover

GI Joe A Real American Hero #288 Cover A

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