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Written by

  • Garth Ennis

Art by

  • Steve Dillon


Storyline: Forty

Forty bloody years... Having been born in 1953 (literally not metaphorically), with the birth of Vertigo in 1993, John Constantine was turning 40 and Garth Ennis dedicated an entire issue to the event. Although John initially doesn't expect much from his birthday he does arrive home to see a group of old friends waiting for him and the group drink the night away. Although the friends are all from his past some are never seen again, and others only truly met in later issues...but two significant and unexpected guests arrive in the form of the Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing, the former who's shoes were pissed on by a drunk Constantine and the latter who arrived angrily only to find it wasn't John who called him and that it was supposed to be a birthday surprise to which he does his...

Hellblazer #63

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