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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    J.M. DeMatteis



Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are still in the dog house for stealing Justice League funds to build their Kooey Kooey Kooey Island paradise (see issue #34), and after J'onn chews Booster out some more, Booster throws a tantrum and storms out of the embassy.Meanwhile, Wally Tortillini is digging thru the Justice League's garbage cans for some dirt for his tell all book, but when he hears a strange sound from one of the cans he makes a speedy get away. The noise alerts Guy Gardner, who completely misses the fact the thing making the sound was a cat and the cat sneaks into the embassy. The cat sneaks upstairs and scares Fire, who sets off the sprinkler which makes everyone come running.Guy fights with the cat, and loses. Blue Beetle and J'onn try to turn off the sprinkle, and Mr. Miracle keeps introducing himself to everyone, he already knows, foreshadowing something isn't right with Mr Miracle but no one notices yet.Guy is finally able to get the cat out of Fire's room and kicks it into a teleporter tube sending it to the Justice League Europe embassy. (See Justice League Europe #13 for the conclusion of Furballs).When Booster returns from a business meeting with Claire Montogomery he informs Max, J'onn, Fire and Ted that he is tired of being the brunt of the jokes and he quits.Meanwhile Despero makes his return in space and is making a bee line for earth.

Justice League America #37

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