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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    J.M. DeMatteis

Art by

  • Chris Wozniak


"Breakdowns Part 11 - Mayhem"

Despero and Lobo have been brawling through they city. Despero punches Lobo through a wall, and Lobo lands in the street. Lobo gets up and begins hitting Despero, but Despero gets angry and wallops Lobo into the air. Lobo is stopped short in the air, by Guy Gardner. Guy puts Lobo in a protective bubble, but Lobo breaks out and jumps at Guy. Guy and Lobo start grappling with each other, and begin plummeting towards the city.

In the city, Martian Manhunter takes another crack at Despero by elongating his arm and wrapping it around Despero. Deeper just grabs his arm and flings him into the ground. Rocket Red tries to Help J'onn, and blasts Despero with his lasers on his gloves. Before Despero can come after him, Despero flies away. As Rocket grapples with Despero, J'onn, Power Girl, Metamorpho, and Fire fly over head and observe the battle. Elsewhere, Lord Havok attacks Scarlet Fox, Bluejay, Elongated Man, General Glory, and Silver Sorceress at the JLE cave base.

Back in the city, Lobo begins beating on Guy, pummeling him into the ground. Lobo tells Guy that there's nothing personal here, and that he's just on a job to get Despero. He tells Guy to back off and let him do it, but Guy charges Lobo again. Lobo just punches Guy again, and prepares to pummel guy again. Suddenly, a protective bubble forms around Guy. lobo looks up, and sees Booster Gold. Lobo jumps into the air, grabs a hold of Gold, and the two begin falling off the rooftop, fighting. Meanwhile, Rocket Red isn't having any better luck with Despero, and Despero punches him and sends him through another wall. Power Girl loses it, and flies into Despero, knocking him into the water water near the building. Metamorpho jumps in after Power Girl. Martian Manhunter goes underwater as well, in time to see the unconscious forms of Metamorhpo and Power Girl pass him, heading in the opposite direction. He looks, and sees Despero clutching Rocket Red. Despero uses his third eye, and blasts Martian Manhunter. Meanwhile, General Glory, Elongated Man, Bluejay, Scarlet Fox, and Silver Sorceress continue holding off Lord Havok. Back in the city, the army begin cordoning off areas of the city. The Flash has recovered from his concussion. The major tries to convince Flash that Despero is unstoppable, but Flash blows him off and pushes off, in search of the other heroes.

Elsewhere in the city, Booster gold careens through a restaurant window. Lobo climbs through the window after Booster telling him that he's had it with the League messing in his affairs, and that he'll have to make an example of him. Suddenly, Lobo is yanked backwards by green energy, and thrown sky-high. Booster finds that he was saved by the badly injured Guy Gardner. Booster flies off after Lobo, who landed in the water where Fire, Martian Manhunter, Rocket Red, Power Girl, and Metamorpho are trying to contain Despero. Lobo notices that Despero is in the vicinity, something fire hoped wouldn't happen, and he starts swimming towards them. Fire takes action and blasts Lobo with Fire. While Lobo is distracted with Fire, J'onn flies out of the water, carrying Despero. They fly back into the city, they crash into the side of a building, and Despero punches the Manhunter through two stories below him. Despair lands next to J'onn, picks him up, and punches him through the wall back into the street, and prepares to fatally blast J'onn with his third eye. Deeper blasts him, but a protective bubble forms around Jo'onn, and the blast doesn't affect him. Despair turns to see Booster Gold, the Flash, and the other members of the newly formed Conglomerate, ready to face him.

Back at the cave, the other heroes lead Lord Havok into a trap, and Blue Beetle turns on the jets on his Bug, and the jets fry Havok. In the city, Lobo climbs out of the water, realizes that there's no other way to get the League out of his way. He's going to ave to get rough.Story continues in Justice League Europe #34. 

Justice League America #58

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