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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    Gerard Jones

Art by

  • Darick Robertson


"Break Downs Part 14 - The Ceremony of Innocence"


The Silver Sorceress lies injured and bleeding on the shore of Kooey Kooey Kooey. Still, she is determined to stop Dreamslayer at all costs.

Meanwhile, members of both the Justice League America and Justice League Europe face off against teammates who are being mind-controlled by the Extremists. They begin fighting one another, but some members (such as Ice) are reluctant to use her powers against a friend - even if they are being mind-controlled. Guy Gardner however, has no such reservations, and enjoys fighting against his teammates as he does alongside them.

Elsewhere, the Silver Sorceress takes control of the Extremist robots, Doctor Diehard, Gorgon and Tracer. She sets them against Dreamslayer (who is still possessing the body of Maxwell Lord), and they keep him on the defensive long enough for the Sorceress to execute a psychic attack. The presence of her power inside Dreamslayer's mind is enough to break his control over the brainwashed League members.

The Silver Sorceress and Dreamslayer then move their fight directly to the psychic plane. Since the Sorceress' psyche is being used as the battlefield, she has a distinct advantage over her adversary. The Silver Sorceress proves victorious, but at the cost of her own life.

The Justice League members attend a small memorial service in honor of their fallen comrade. Blue Jay in particular is beset with extreme grief. The Silver Sorceress is buried on Kooey Kooey Kooey.

Maxwell Lord, now free of Dreamslayer's control, harbors great guilt over the things he had done while possessed.

Justice League Europe #35

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