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Bring comic adventures to life! This engaging 96-page activity book offers plenty of kid-favorite Highlights puzzles plus prompts for kids to create their very own comics. Creative kids ages 6 and up will enjoy doodling, solving action-packed puzzles, completing comic stories and placing over 200 included stickers.

The perfect activity book for kids to practice cartooning and storytelling, Make Your Own Comic Adventures is packed with over 65 comic-themed activities like superhero word searches, monster riddles, Hidden Pictures cartoons and more. Guaranteed to delight, this unique puzzle book is organized into kid-friendly themes like monsters, superheroes, space, robots and animals. Kids can doodle what happens next in comic stories, use over 200 stickers to complete exciting adventures and create their very own comics on the blank panels provided.

A perfect boredom-buster, this book combines the joy of reading comics with brain-boosting activities and puzzles. Kids will love the opportunity to get creative and express themselves on every page.

Make Your Own Comic Adventures

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