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Written by

  • Kuzushiro

Art by

  • Kuzushiro

Ever since developing hearing loss during childhood, high schooler Kanon has largely relied on lip reading to navigate the world. Now, her new friend Saki is slowly helping her come out of her shell and find a place for herself at school. Meanwhile, Saki gets confronted by Kanon's fiercely protective younger sister, Rinne, who suspects Saki of harboring ulterior motives toward Kanon. Things come to a head when Rinne storms out of the house one evening, forcing Kanon and Saki to go looking for her in the dead of night. Worried that she won't be able to see or hear cars coming up behind them, Kanon asks Saki to hold her hand. Why does this simple act set Saki's heart racing? Could it be...?

Moon On A Rainy Night Vol 2 GN

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