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Written by

  • Joanna Zhou

Art by

  • Joanna Zhou

Packed with everything you need to know about creating our own Chibis, with step-by-step sequences for over 40 incredibly appealing figures and animals.

Join Joanna and her more than 5.5M social media followers (@Maqaroon) and enjoy giant-sized fun from a micro-sized world!

Chibi are mini versions of Japanese anime and manga characters defined by their overly large heads, giving them to their kawaii, or cuteness, factor. Let artist and internet sensation Joanna Zho (@marqaroon) teach you to draw and paint these adorable characters. This exhaustive guide is packed with everything you need to know, with step-by-step directions for creating over 40 appealing animal and human-like figures. Each of the step-by-step projects includes a basic line drawing you can copy, scan, or trace, so that you can get started right away, even if you're a beginner.

Written for hobbyists, students and even professional illustrators who design posters, computer art, graphic novels, and related media, this color-illustrated book presents fundamental instruction on creating Chibis - diminutive, large-eyed Anime-style cartoon characters that are attracting increasing interest in today's popular art markets.

Super-Cute Manga Chibis To Draw And Paint TP

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