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Written by

  • Namakura

Art by

  • Chinori Toriu

In this fantasy "time loop" comedy, a villainess tries to change her future and break the curse of dying young! In each of her past lives, Scarlet was the despised queen of her kingdom-and each time, her reign was ended by a group of heroes led by Scarlet's rival, Arisa. Scarlet never even survived beyond age 28! After Scarlet dies for the 108th time, all her memories of her past lives (and deaths) are unlocked for her 109th life. Scarlet is determined to do things differently this time... but it might not be up to her, if all those past deaths were the result of a curse. Can she find a way for her 109th life to break the cycle?

Villainess Who Has Been Killed 108 Times She Remembers Everything Vol 1 GN

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