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Written by

  • Eric Nguyen

Art by

  • Eric Nguyen

An ancient prophecy foretold of an outsider that would save the peaceful village of Inoki from an unstoppable army-a man who would confuse the people at first with his unconventional ways, but lead them to the light. Nathan Garin, Captain in the United States Army, known for his viciousness in battle on the American frontier, could be that man… if he weren't such an awful, drunken idiot. Now it's up to Japanese-American teacher Todd Parker to warn the good people of Inoki of Garin's true nature before he causes the very death and destruction they are counting on him to avert! This sword-swing satire has it all-time travel, compromising situations, accidental homicide, mistaken identity, and, most importantly, laughs. Collects White Savior #1-4.

White Savior TP

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