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Who we respect.


On this page we will share websites for friends of our shop and family.  I am not going to keep some great businesses away from anyone willing to come to this page and look.  Each of these places has done right by us on so many levels that this is the absolute least I can do and share their websites with you.  These brothers and sisters of the nerd world have helped me, are family and have supported us, or are other businesses that have shared info with me to help me excel.  That is what every small business should strive to do is help each other grow, more so in these pandemic times.


you too jocks!


Cheers To Comics

Brian Wayne of the Wayne Family brings you all amazing content!  From some off the wall interviews to in depth knowledge on Final Order Cutoffs and Pull List Priorities.  He loves Scout comics and Kickstarter books.  A great place to learn and buy books if not from us!



If you want a great place to buy cards, and sports memorabilia Justin is the guy to go see in Rapid City.  Thanks to him and some great advice he has helped us grow over the last few years.  Please support these guys as much as you can because they are some of the best I've met.


Dilon has just joined our affiliations!  He will be doing toy, and other YouTube videos on products we offer.  Talking to this young man he has a good concept of being a nerd, just ask him about some of his favorite marvel stuff, HULK!!!  Please follow and subscribe to his channel, he is going to be doing a video or more a week on how these toys look and interesting details.  Support him and us at the same time.


Pye Games

PYE Dice and Spindowns

“Roll for initiative,” says your friendly DM. You scan your set of PYE Dice, locate the D20 Spinner, and give it a solid spin. The Spinner stops with the arrow pointing to 15. Then, you grab your Spindown and verify that the number displayed is your character’s max health, 31. Now, you are ready for combat!

Introducing Spindowns, a fun way to keep track of those pesky numbers for tabletop games, and PYE Dice a spinning alternative to traditional dice!

Paul and his Wife Kristi are a wonderful family that has made a fun new way to play with your dice.  The items they make we carry and we are Proud to support these guys.  If you don't get your spinners from us make sure to order them from these great guys and let them know Tarl sent you.

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