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Cover E Variant Greg Land Cover


Written by

  • Various

Art by

  • Various


Written by Zeb Wells, Kaare Andrews and more
Pencilled by John Romita Jr., Kaare Andrews and more

  • IT'S THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR! Peter Parker is the best man, and Tombstone is walking the bride down the aisle!
  • That's right - Janice Lincoln and Randy Robertson are tying the knot, and there's NO WAY all the crime bosses in NYC aren't seeing this as an opportunity to off Tombstone.
  • This story sets up our big Spider-Event of Zeb and Johnny's second year on ASM, and that's just the HALF of it!
  • Also in this issue: bachelor/bachelorette parties, other ASM-story preludes, glimpses of some of the biggest unannounced Spider-projects and extra bonus awesomeness!


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 #31 Cover E

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