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Doug Moench

Artist, Inker, Letterer

Jim Aparo


Adrienne Roy

Cover Artist

Ray McCarthy


"Killer's Bane"

Bruce Wayne is exhausted! But there's no rest for the weary! A delusional Killer Croc is causing havoc in the slums of Gotham's homeless community. In order to keep up appearances, Tim Drake convinces Jean-Paul Valley to dress as Batman in Bruce's absence and head to the scene. Meanwhile Killer Croc has also caught the eye of Bane. He decides to take the Killer Croc out of the equation while hoping to run into Batman along the way. Jean-Paul mistakenly turns his back on Croc during their battle and is beaten by Killer Croc. Bane then dispatches Croc and afterward he realizes that this isn't the Batman he was hoping for.


First Appearance

Jean-Paul Valley as Batman PRIME EARTH

Batman #489

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