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(One Shot) Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover


Written by

  • Daniel Kraus

    James Asmus

Art by

  • Jonathan Wayshak

    Letizia Cadonici

CREEPSHOW is here to put the fear in your cheer!

You’ve heard of Santa, you’ve heard of Krampus, but have you ever heard of "The Christmas Man"? Witness the birth of a new horrifying holiday classic from DANIEL DONT CALL ME SANTA KRAUS (The Shape of Water) and jolly JONATHAN WAYSHAK (Skin Crawl)!

Then, jovial JAMES ASMUS (Survival Street, Rick Morty) and lively LETIZIA CADONICI (House of Slaughter) deliver a cautionary tale about stealing the wrong parcel in "Package Thief." 

Creepshow Holiday Special 2023 #1 (One Shot) Cover A

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