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Cover B Variant Chad Hardin Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine Cover


Written by

  • Ryan North

Art by

  • Francesco Mortarino


  • When a teacher shares a list of inventions a scientist from the 1600s hoped future generations would one day make, Valeria and Franklin Richards decide to go for bonus points...
  • ticking off some of those unfinished items and inventing the impossible.
  • Enlisting the aid of Jo-Venn and N'Kalla Grimm, the four of them engage in a little amateur mad science that quickly spirals out of hand!
  • Do they go to their parents and ask for help? Of course not! A couple of kids can easily fix this, right?
  • According to the couple of kids involved in this series of bad decisions: yes! Absolutely! Nothing will possibly go wrong.
  • Also featured in this issue: several things going wrong!


Fantastic Four Vol 7 #16 Cover B

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