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(One Shot) Cover A Regular Bryan Hitch Cover


Written by

  • Fabian Nicieza

Art by

  • Creees Lee


  • Namor is imprisoned, serving out his sentence as the disgraced King of Atlantis! So when a new yet ancient threat arises from the sea, who better to leap into the fray than Marvel's First Family: the FANTASTIC FOUR!
  • Writer FABIAN NICIEZA and artist CREEES LEE join forces for a GIANT-SIZE deep dive into some of Atlantis' most dangerous history...and the present that can scarcely hope to contain it!
  • PLUS: Includes a reprinting of FANTASTIC FOUR #33, a classic issue from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby featuring betrayal, action and high drama - in the Atlantean style!

Giant Size Fantastic Four (2024) #1 (One Shot) Cover A

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