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Written by

  • Dave Franchini

Be sure to hang onto your head, and hang on for the ride in this next pulse-pounding, monster-filled 32-page story!

From stories that span centuries, the Headless Horseman has roamed woods and battlefields seeking the lives of those who have strayed from the fight taking that, which he no longer has, their heads. As some legends are made, others are born, and Anabelle "Belle" DiMarco happens to be so lucky. Descendent from a bloodline of hunters of beasts and otherworldly creatures, she is destined to take on those that creep from the shadows, reaching into our world waiting for a hero to battle them back.

So what happens when beast hunter meets horseman? Find out here when legends collide!

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Belle Headless Horseman #1 (One Shot) Cover A

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