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Cover B Variant Cliff Chiang Cover


Written by

  • G. Willow Wilson

Art by

  • Christian Wildgoose

Delicate alliances between humankind and orckind have been forged in a desperate effort to save both civilizations… but can they last? Reluctant orc ambassador Tara Icemane struggles with culture shock as she learns the ropes from her rugged human hosts, a company of fighters known as the Last Men Standing. But she'll have to set heartbreak aside and find common ground with Commander Callum Battlechild when the troop faces its first major battle against the invading Vangol. Meanwhile, the carefully arranged engagement between Troth Icemane and Faran Stoneback-the cornerstone of a plan to unite the two most powerful orc dynasties-will crumble if the couple fails to survive their first hours alone together on a death-defying matrimonial wolf hunt.

Hunger And The Dusk #2 Cover B

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