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Written by

  • Brian Michael Bendis

Art by

  • Stephen Byrne

It's the second big chapter of the fiercely-ambitious new sci-fi odyssey: Joy Operations.

Fifty-five years from now. Joy is an EN.VOI. A special agent of one of the Jonando Trust. Trusts are corporate-owned cities that are the centerpiece of modern society. She rights wrongs for the trust. She is excellent. Perfection. Hard on herself. Driven. Almost legendary in some parts. Except now she has this voice in her head that is not her. Either Joy is losing her grip or an EN.VOI from a neighboring trust has entered her consciousness to get her to betray her cause.

Joy is pissed off. Really really pissed off.


Item #:1988


Regular Stephen Byrne Cover

Joy Operations #2 Cover A

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