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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    J.M. DeMatteis

Art by

  • Chris Wozniak


"Breakdowns Part 7 - Look Homeward, Leaguers"

Their U.N. charter revoked, the JLI attempt to go on with their lives. Blue Beetle crashes with former Leaguer Booster Gold, Fire and Ice are frustrated by the lack of interest in their modeling talents, J'onn's attempts at meditations are frustrated by his new roommate, L-Ron, and Guy Gardner is at the brink of losing his temper when General Glory turns their new apartment into a soup kitchen. At last, the scattered team members seek each other out and reconvene at the Secret Sanctuary, where they find the assembled Justice League Europe. Meanwhile, Despero is blazing towards earth, fueled by his hate for the Justice League.

Continues in Justice League Europe (1989) #32. 

Justice League America #56

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