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"What's Black and White and Black and White and Black..."

Several former members of the Injustice Gang meet each other at the unemployment office in New York City. Major Disaster believes that this meeting was not merely a whim of chance, but a true act of fate. He convinces Cluemaster, Big Sir, Clock King, Multi-Man and the Mighty Bruce to embark on one final daring criminal adventure.

That night, the villains break into the Metropolitan Museum of Sundries to steal the Dooley Diamond. Unfortunately, a group of terrorists has already arrived and is in the process of stealing the diamond for themselves. The Super-Villains engage their adversaries, and inadvertently become heroes in the eyes of the public.

With nowhere else to turn, Major Disaster decides to cash in on this newfound opportunity and applies for membership in Justice League International. Maxwell Lord gives the allegedly reformed villains a chance to prove themselves and establishes them as the Antarctica branch of the JLI. Rounding out the team roster is the Green Lantern, G'nort, and the Scarlet Skier.

In Antarctica, G'nort discovers an abandoned scientific research station. The facility was once used to conduct biological experiments on penguins, transforming them into ravenous killer animals that slaughtered everyone at the base.

The JLI learns of the incident and calls upon the help of their colleagues in Justice League Europe. When the teams arrive in Antarctica, they discover that the penguins have overwhelmed the JLAnt Headquarters. While the heroes attempt to control the killer birds, an earthquake erupts across the region causing the JLAnt headquarters to collapse. The Justice League Antarctica is buried, but G'nort manages to encase his teammates inside of a green bubble. Miraculously, they all manage to find God.

Later at the JLI embassy, Maxwell Lord reviews the Justice League Antarctica charter, and decides to disband the team.

Justice League America Annual #4

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