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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    Gerard Jones

Art by

  • Bart Sears


1st Appearance of Extremists


"The Extremist Vector Part 1 - Kings of the Dust"

The Silver Sorceress wanders through the ruined streets of Angor searching for signs of life. A group of super-villains known as the Extremists, having already destroyed all life on the planet, are anxious to find new worlds to ravage. They discover the Silver Sorceress and beat her mercilessly.

Meanwhile, Blue Jay (formerly of Angor) mysteriously arrives in Moscow, Russia. He goes to the Justice League embassy seeking sanctuary. The embassy staff attempt to contact the New York League, but none of them are available. They then turn to the Europe team. Boris Razumihin grows nervous about potential League involvement and secretly places a telephone call to another agent.

At the Justice League embassy in Paris, Captain Atom fields the request from the Moscow office, and sends Metamorpho to Russia to find Blue Jay.

On Angor, the Extremist known as Dreamslayer uses his mental powers to tap into Silver Sorceress' ability to traverse dimensions. They succeed in opening a doorway to Earth. The Extremists track down Blue Jay and get into a fight with Metamorpho. Doctor Diehard succeeds in incapacitating the Leaguer.

Justice League Europe #15

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