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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    J.M. DeMatteis

Art by

  • Kevin Maguire



Max Lord calls Captain Atom and Martian Manhunter into his office to see if he can recruit the heroes they worked with during the recent invasion by the Manhunters.[1] When the duo explain that this was just an ad hoc assembly and there is no chance that the others will join the JLI, Max becomes furious and explains that a supervillain is after him and he needs help.

At the Justice League Embassy in New York City, an alarm comes in from Martian Manhunter and Captain Atom. The Leaguers head to Max's office, where they are bombarded by missiles. Batman orders Blue Beetle to ram their shuttle into the building. They discover several mechanical constructs built into the structure for defense and Guy Gardner shorts out all of the electricity with his power ring. They make their way to Max's office where their teammates are safe.

As the League flies away to follow the source of a giant power spike, a giant robot claiming to be The Construct rises from underground, challenging them to battle. The giant is recalled to its cavernous base where it collapses in a heap, making cryptic references to its master. The Leaguers follow it inside and come face to face with Metron.

Justice League International #11

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