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Written by

  • Keith Giffen

    J.M. DeMatteis


"Shop... or Die"

Lord Manga Khan harvests the last of the resources from an unnamed planet, sucking its goods into the Cluster Ship. His lackey, L-Ron tells him that he has discovered a new planet with even more resources, Earth and Manga sends drone ships to the planet.

At the Justice League Embassy in New York City, Green Flame and Ice Maiden have come to inform the JLI that they want to join. Martian Manhunter turns them away due to their brash attitude and disrespect toward Oberon.

Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Mister Miracle are watching a football game when the program is suddenly pre-empted by an alien broadcast from Khan about interstellar barter. If Earth refuses to engage in shopping, they will be stripped of their resources. The League goes to the United Nations where what to do is being fiercely debated. They speak to a liaison who is fearful that they are not at full strength. Green Flame and Ice Maiden tagged along with the JLI and the Manhunter asks them to come with them for assistance.

Elsewhere, a pod falls on the recently-plundered planet. G'nort steps out and flies to Earth. On the moon, G'nort sees the alien ship preparing for invasion and he resolves to defend the world.

Justice League International #14

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