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Written by

  • Sam Kieth

Art by

  • Sam Kieth


Julie and Tilly enjoy a warm summer day, leaving Maxx at home to fix her larmp. The Savage Dragon has a cameo, and he’s looking for the ‘dangerous psychopath Mako! Fleeing from the Dragon, Mako burst in on Maxx. Maxx knows he’s no match for the blood thirsty land shark, especially with his claws glued shut. The Maxx is a lousy handyman. The chase goes on into the night. Mako ends the chase by tackling Maxx into a swimming pool. This causes Maxx to slip into the Outback. There Maxx meets the Leopard Queen again, only this time she appears darker. She inform Maxx that this change is due to Cruelty and pain. We also learn that her Leopard is dead. The chase continues until they find their way to a phone cord store. Maxx frees his claws with some solvent. Whit her car broken down Julie finds herself in the Outback where she meets Lil’ Julie. Lil’ Julie tells Julie that she is not part of Maxx;s outback, but the Maxx is part of hers. She also learns that the Leopard Queen is a part of her.

Maxx #6

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