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Written by

  • Todd McFarlane

Art by

  • Marc Silvestri

Storyline: Tremors

The media has learned of a new vigilante on the street, who goes by the name of spawn.Meanwhile, Terry has survived his ordeal in the past issues, and is now trying to just patch his life back together again, and Wanda is here to help him do that. Now things seem peaceful in the alley, at least until another homeless person, who seems to be a bit of a brute, challenges Spawn's bums to a turf war. Later spawn meets with the leader who's challening spawn, only to find the monsterous Tremor!Spawn, and Tremor do battle until Tremor finally manages to convince Spawn to stop the fighting, and help him instead.Tremor tells Spawn the tragic tale of his origin, and why he's so driven to completely destroying Tony Twist.Then spawn leaves Tremor, only to return with a dirty file on Mr. Twist. Tremor...

Spawn #25

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