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Written by

  • Jay Lender

    Corey Barba

Art by

  • Jacob Chabot

    Gregg Schigiel

Patrick and Larry the Lobster are the 'Crusoem Twosome' in a 23-page SpongeBob epic with only a little bit of SpongeBob! When Patrick's allergies cause him and Larry to be marooned far from Bikini Bottom, it's all Larry can do to keep his buff composure and rock-hard cool! Will sea monsters, tidal waves, and a distressing lack of free weights prove deadlier than being stuck 24-7 with Patrick? Plus, SpongeBob catches a magic jellyfish; Gary loses his bowl, a new 'SpongeFunnies' from James Kochalka; and more ocean facts from Maris Wicks!

SpongeBob Comics #58

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