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Cover A Regular Evan Cagle Cover


Written by

  • Ram V

    Dan Watters

Art by

  • Jason Shawn Alexander

"Batman: Outlaw" concludes in part five of five of the biweekly Detective Comics event!

The Batman is dead. The Reality Engine, a device capable of amplifying the Orghams' hypnotic powers, has roared to life. The people of Gotham, having watched the Dark Knight die on the gallows, begin to forget there ever was a Batman, and the Gotham that the Orghams have been working toward since their arrival in the city emerges: a city without a Batman. A city that never had a Batman.

Check out the reality-bending, city-altering finale to "Batman: Outlaw," and ask yourself: will Gotham ever be the same again?

Detective Comics Vol 2 #1080 Cover A

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