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Written by

  • Yishan Li

Art by

  • Yishan Li

Kick off your manga journey with bestselling author Yishan Li!Draw 30 dynamic manga boys and girls in just 8 easy stages.

Bring to life 30 characterful manga girls and boys in just a few simple steps, with expert comic book and manga artist, Yishan Li. Choose from a wide range of characters, including a spell-casting sorcerer, flying angel, running schoolgirl and flamboyant pop star, in a wide range of dynamic poses, all full of personality and style. Each one is developed in 8 easy stages from a rough sketch of the basic shapes through to the finished, coloured drawing, making this book suitable for adults and children of all ages and abilities.

With its easy-to-follow landscape format you can watch the stages build across the page and then recreate them with ease.

The book contains material previously published in How to Draw Manga Boys, 2015, and How to Draw Manga Girls, 2015.

Draw 30 Manga In Easy Steps HC

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