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"Around the World with the Justice League"

A new island "nation" vies for the JLI's attention for use as a new embassy.

"The Men I Never Was"

A tale of the Martian Manhunter as he hunts down a murderer with help from Batman.Batman catches Martian Manhunter roughing up a street thug in Gotham and is forced to intervene. Then when J'onn explains that is looking for information on the shooting death of an officer named Frank, Batman agrees to help. The pair track down a drug czar named Scarlotti, who was the last man that Frank was investigating and J'onn's prime suspect. After roughing up a few of Scarlottti's guys, J'onn reveals to Batman, that Frank was his first true friend on Earth and he felt responsible for not being there to save Frank.When they finally get face to face with Scarlotti, J'onn reads his mind and finds mixed emotions about being a "caring drug dealer' but not about the shooting of Frank. Batman lets Scarlotti go with a warning and J'onn goes back to the New York Embassy to meditate. While there Oberon catches J'onn in his natural Martian state, and J'onn finds it oddly comforting that others have seen his true form. Later when Batman show up and tell J'onn that Frank's killer was some street punk who just wanted Frank's wallet, J'onn thanks him and tells Oberon that he was taking some time off from the JLI to mediate and reflect on the loss of a true friend.

Justice League International Annual #3

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