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Written by

  • Steve Englehart

Art by

  • Joe Rubinstein


The Collector is surprised to see that his wife Matani has come back to life after being dead for three billion years. Apparently, the Grandmaster was able to bring her out of Death's domain as promised. But she still has no will to live and dies in his arms.The Silver Surfer comes in for he has been looking for him since he was attacked by Champion, a fellow elder, and he learned of Grandmaster's plan to kill the Avengers. The Collector says he knows nothing of the other Elders' plans. Surfer discovers the Avenger Espirita aboard the ship. She claims she did not die when she drank Collector's potion, most likely so she could be kept in his collection. Surfer leaves with her, believing his story but says he will return if he finds out otherwise. Collector then addresses Champion that Silver Surfer must be taken care of.Surfer returns Espirita to Earth. Meanwhile, a Kree Deep Cruiser encounters the Skrull vessel led by Ambassador Ptakr. The Kree ship wins the battle but the Skrulls have orders to kill themselves rather than be captured so the Kree will not learn the secret that their shape-shifting abilities are gone.Flying through space Surfer wonders about the other Elders he hasn't yet met. Just then the Elder known as Runner approaches him. Runner has a nice deposition and Surfer instantly likes him, but Runner admits he is there to kill him. The golden elder and the Surfer battle, but the Runner proves to be way to powerful for the Surfer and leaves the Surfer for dead.Surfer is confused because he believes he is dying but soon Mantis arrives and revives him.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 #3

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