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Written by

  • Jim Starlin

Art by

  • Ron Lim


"The Soul World"

Silver Surfer and Drax awaken in the Soul World, located inside the Soul Gem. They are greeted by Kray-Tor. Drax senses Thanos and attacks. Surfer tells him to stop and Drax realizes the only way to get to Thanos is to destroy the Soul World. Surfer then meets with Gamora, Pip and Autolycus who are also in the Soul World. Gamora reveals that Drax actually has the power to destroy the world and they sould seek the man who can handle Drax - Adam Warlock. They begin their journey to see Adam while Gamora keeps Drax busy.When they reach Adam, he admits he knows of the danger to his world. He is one with every plant, animal and person in the realm. He descends the mountain he lives on to engage Drax and stop his one time ally from destroying the world.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 #46

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