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Cover B Variant Kael Ngu Knights End Cover (Gang War First Strike Tie-In)


Written by

  • Steve Foxe

Art by

  • Carola Borelli


The Web of Destiny restored Spider-Woman's life, but even CAPTAIN MARVEL and MADAME WEB can tell something's changed. Now SPIDER-MAN wants to recruit her for a new team because VIPER has engineered a deadly union between HYDRA and DIAMONDBACK that's about to tear the city apart, bringing forth a new foe powerful enough to destroy the city while burning Spider-Woman's world to the ground.

DON'T MISS OUT on this action-packed premiere that features CAPTAIN MARVEL, SPIDER-MAN, VIPER and DIAMONDBACK...and introduces a terrifying new force of evil in SPIDER-WOMAN's world!


Spider-Woman Vol 8 #1 Cover B

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