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Cover C Variant Freddie E Williams II Cover


Written by

  • Tom Waltz

    Kevin Eastman

Art by

  • Ben Bishop

    SL Gallant

In the past: Michelangelo's journey toward vengeance takes a detour when he's captured, imprisoned, and forced to take part in a gladiatorial competition with fighters from all over the world. Though new friendships are formed with would-be foes, one thing is certain: the only way to attain his freedom is to fight. It will take all Michelangelo's skill to defeat those who stand between him and vengeance. Meanwhile, in the present (a.k.a. our future!): Casey Marie Jones and her young Turtle pupils grapple with the lessons left by their late sensei Michelangelo as the situation in NYC worsens.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin The Lost Years #4 Cover C

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