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Written by

  • Bob Haney

    Gerry Conway

    Steve Ditko

    E. Nelson Birdwell

Art by

  • George Tuska

    Vince Colletta

    Trevor Von Eeden

    Steve Ditko

    Don Newton

    Kurt Schaffenberger

    Jim Aparo (cover)


1. Whom the Gods Would Destroy (Superman and Batman vs Sinestro / written by Bob Haney)2. Primeval Scream (Black Canary and Green Arrow / written by Gerry Conway)3. The Race Is Running (Green Arrow with Speedy (flashback) / written by Gerry Conway)4. Beware Mr. Wrinkles (The Creeper vs Mr. Wrinkles / written by Steve Ditko)5. The Devil and Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family / written by E. Nelson Bridwell)

Worlds Finest Comics #254

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