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Baby is due any day!

I am super excited to welcome the newest nerd to our family as soon as he decides its time. We have been counting down the weeks and now its days to when he is expected or will be forced into thisworld due to his size, he is a big boy. With that said its the end of the year, start of the new year. And to show we care for this week only, the 2nd through the 8th, we are offering a 23% sale on everything the code 2023. When you read this the code word will be in effect. So now is the time to grab the stuff you have seen on our page you like and go for the gold.

With that out of the way we sadly lost Dillon to the mines. He was a amazing worker and set up so much stuff for our small store taht has helped us in leaps and bounds. His sister Kassidee has came on and though she doesn't know the websites like Dillon she has helped our shop out so much with staying open on days I am at the mine my first vacation is coming up thanks to baby Rowan. And the weather is starting to look like winter and not just hurting us with the negative 60 degrees we had in the last 2 weeks. BRUTAL!!! Weare trying to see if another employee would be good for the store and move up to 3. Right now we are at 2 but both of us have other jobs as well, where this is my shop i come in and spend long hours on my days off minus sundays that I am away from the mines and Saturdays where I game with friends, we have a pathfinder game going on 2 years strong now. And with 4-6 adults thats hard to do on a regular basis.

I am rambling and not making much sense. So I will say HAPPY NEW YEAR NERDS!!! hope to see you all soon!

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