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New Year! New Us!

First off we need to announce that we are going to be cutting back on toys and pops until we see a pickup in sales there. We have purchased many toys and preordered tons and so we will stick with those but for the future we are going to buy collections clean up the figures and repair as we need then sell those. We have some nice 70's-80's space men and GI Joe vehicles that recently came in, as well as He-Man action sets from the original runs. We will be adding them slowly over the next few weeks for anyone interested in those.

The new Us is my baby is now walking everywhere so that makes it fun to get stuff done in my shop when he can get to the lower shelves. What a fun time this is for my wife and I though to see him growing up. On the 4th he turned 1 so that was a fast year for us in that regard. Our TCG store has been thriving and our sales in MTG are on the rise as more and more people learn of our stores front. So we will be seeing about expanding to sports and non-sports cards as well soon. We are still too small to host 6-10 people for game nights so we are going to look at rearranging the shop to see if we can accommodate that many in not so tight of a space as we have now. We do host Pathfinder/DND 3.75 twice a month and that has upwards of 6 people that play on each game day. So it is possible with the right combination in the shop.

As for new things, we have started to put DC and Image back on the shelves for new books. We are also going to start sending off books to slabbed again because who doesn't like a pretty slab am I right? Next will be cards, if we keep going to be selling cards as good as we are there is no reason why we shouldn't get more slabbed as well and see how they sell. If they don't sell well then our store has some cool cards that no one else in the world will have because each card slabbed or comic slabbed is better then raw in my humble opinion.

Last lets give those who read this a chance to see about a sale. We are going to give a 1 time coupon of 40% off for the new year with code JAN24 this code can be used once and will work on your entire order so jump on those books or toys that you have been eyeing when you visit and get a great deal hunting for that cool item.

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