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Busy couple of months!!!

So baby Rowan has come into the world and with that my wife has now entered back into the work force as well as I have. I am finding on my days off (?) that I am very tired he wears me out but i wouldnt ask for any other way. By now most of my friends and almost all of the family has met him and kidnaps hiom from time to time. He is a cute guy with stunning blue eyes. And thats not just the dad in me saying that. I am watching him on my days off from my real job, as some of you know the store is a second job or a hobby as my wife calls it. Others know it as my man cave or as my kids have said its my Mega Man Cave. We have ups, we have downs, but each month we are growing in fanbase for where we are. Our online sales are the same yoyo effect. They always seem to come when i am working my real job and have little to no help at the shop. Not a bad thing per say but it does make some days coming back to the shop a bit overwhelming for one with anxiety and depresion. I sit there and wonder should i keep going, then also sit there and feel I have let fans down for not sending out the stuff fast enough. Then I think well its a sale and the store is alive another month thanks to the fans and buyers.

I guess in all I just want to say thank you for sticking with us and helping us grow over the past year it means the world to me.

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