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Well I am back from multiple trips to both Vegas with my wife for a week and a week in LA with the whole family as we went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. It was a fun time but man to come back to a new employee that wasn't trained very well by another employee made it a rough time to come back to basically 3 weeks of stuff to have to get caught up. Mind you I am not complaining but trying to find good help that is good with customers and then train them on stuff knowing that they will be leaving soon makes it a rough time for any owner of a business. On one hand you want to train them so you can take more time off for your self and on the other hand you don't want to train them because of the track record that they tend to go to other much better paying jobs. Great that they better themselves in that aspect, awful for our store.

Hopefully after this weekend and Monday I will be fully caught back up with just a matter of sorting back issues into our boxes so they can be found easier. With that I am going to do a 40% sale on all website items, first come first serve, and try to clean up our shelves before the new year gets going. So if you have read this please give it a like and use code 2024 at check out for the sale deal. This is a once time use code so know that it wont be carried over.

With that I hope you all have had some great holiday cheer, been responsible, and are looking forward to 2024. Much love from our family to yours!

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