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Wow what can I say but that. This last June was one of our best months to date. We hit a local comic con, more like a anime cosplay convention IMO but tons of fun. it was great to see nerds from all over our area come and check it out. Our sales were amazing. I treated Dillon and his brother to a weekend of fun on the stores accounts and boy did we have a blast. On a personal note since it has now been announced to the family my wife and I are expecting a new nerd or jock to be joining our family come January. This is exciting since my wife has now been able to finish school and she is now a NP and has her doctorate in Nursing!! So yes fellow Nerds I am now officially married to a DR WHOOP WHOOP. What does that mean for me, nothing but bragging rights. She is an amazing woman and so incredibly smart. And I am caveman who wont grow up so she can baby me when i get a cold.

On another note, the mine I work at is doing great, and that is the main reason I keep getting to do these great hobbies as well as afford to keep the roof over my mega man cave as my wife and kids call it. We are back to gaming on a semi regular basis. The 4th of July is a step away so please be safe out there and remember why we celebrate.

The Code for the month will be "BABY" and all items will be 15% if you use the code. I will say unlike some stores the 15% is not a sale after we bump it all up. This is to show my happiness with a new child and to share the love. So now till the end of august, when my wife walks across the stage and gets her white jacket the code will be in effect. So feel free to use it and once you read this we will have a girls name picked and the code will be in effect.


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