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Whats up to those that read these! just wanted to pop in and say hello and get you a bit of information of how we are recently. Dilon may be by far one of the best employees we have ever had, and we haven't honestly had that many but the jumps and bounds he has done for us is amazing. Well sad news but good he might be moving on to another job soon and that is both exciting for him, more pay of course but one step closer to where he wants to go, and sad for us because every customer loves him. My family and friends all love him as well and he will be missed. Recently he went to a anime convention in Denver and had a blast. He gave me personally a manga style Spiderman drawing that is now hanging in pride in my office. Again did i mention how he will be missed.

Our online sales have dramatically jumped for august and because of that we started a Whatnot account where we will be doing live sales soon on past books. Our Amazon sales continue to rise, and sadly one review for the entire month about shipping speed has us in a bad place with them. But I am in hopes that we get some good reviews coming in soon. But I never knew how much the reviews effect small business till it hit us. Like we had any control over speed of delivery. We take pride in how we pack, and how fast, most times its the same day and dropped off the next day or within 1-2 days. Sad to say because of where we live UPS does not ship to us on saturdays or do pickups. A drawback for online sales but that's why we always put 1-3 days handling so you all know. And with the end of year holidays that everyone seems to get that puts stuff back further. But enough bitching September is already looking up for us for number of sales and revenue. I couldn't be happier other then foot traffic increasing. But that is hit or miss really, we have our regulars and a few new ones on a semi regular basis and of course word of mouth to nearby towns helps a ton.

Onto personal notes, ultrasound came back and I am having another boy!! His name is going to be Rowan Ranger. How cool is that? I am already painting a mural of a city landscape on his wall in his room, yes he has his own room already. Superheroes will be the theme and we are going for purples and greys to start. A Captain America poster, black panther plush, and soon his name in big print. I am going all out for the poop machine he will be.

Well that's honestly it, not much to report like some other stores but a small blog on stuff is nice and to know you are all welcome to the information we have as a way of saying thank you. Take care, love each other and Stay Nerdy My Friends!!!

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