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JUNE is going to be NUTS!!

Let me start out by saying that we are doing better now in the last month with the help of our newest employee. We have promoted him to assisstant manager and giving him a small bonus. Now like everything else we can not pat him on the back because when we do we tend to lose employees we feel are really good fits for our shop. His family is great people and his sister is an amazing artist (who we will be planning to post her art for sale soon) Dillon has taken over pretty much anything toy related and is doing an amazing job of mailing out your orders the same day almost every day. Weekends and Holidays excluded of course. I am worried he is going to be gunning for me.

We have our first comic con coming up in Casper on the weekend of the 25th. So if for some reason you are in the area stop by and say hi and grab a sticker. We are talking stratagey since this is our first con as a vendor on what we should take and how much. I am going to be limited to I believe my truck and maybe a small hauler of some sort. I am also going to be dropping some major news at the end of the month that will coincide with a sale aswell so be on the look out for that blog post. We are still adding more and more books to the website and soon will be adding the same books to the ebay store that Dillon has all but taken over. We started another add campaign for June aswell and we we be opening back up for board game nights again very soon because Covid has all but ran its course (I hope) in our small town. We have purchased a few pokemon collections and added those to our in house books for sale because I am not surea good way to add them and get them to be posted with good prices for everyone. Best I can say is take a chance and ask if there are any you are after.

Personal notes: My daughter is turning 14 this weekend. My oldest son just turned 19 in the last 2 weeks. Brian from Cheers to Comics just celebrated his birthday, so if you all know him go to his facebook page and wish him a great upcoming year, brother is a great guy and it never hurts to be kind and show love. My step kids have birthdays coming up as well and then we start the holidays whoop whoop. So like I said june is nuts. It starts with us getting back into the store of things, since i was super sick this last week I didnt work a lick at my shop, thank you Dillon for helping. Watch for Comic Book Auction House on facebook so that you see some drop sales to start making room in our small store. Join that amazing page as well. And be safe out there friends, much love seriously!!! Happy Pride month

Until the end of the month use code "PRIDE" for 20% of your orders. Much love everyone, we are your ally!

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