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Man what a time!

Hey everyone sorry about the silence. I got into writing a weekly thing and then life kicked hard and fast. Nothing in a bad way mind you. November is a busy month for me on a personal level. My birthday falls in the first 2 weeks. Followed close by my wedding anniversary to my super supportive wife Kristen. Then of course you have thanksgiving and this year was a good one. Follow that with getting the kids ready for winter vacation. The coal mines have picked up dramatically as well so we are busy thanks to that. Christmas shopping for multiple people is always fun and when you get bigger families you have to figure out other stuff. Sadly I failed this year in my opinion for my wife in that department. Though as a comic shop owner and her being a romantic as cute comic covers come in or comics on subjects I know she will enjoy I did get a small stack of those for her. And even though I feel like I didn't do as good as I could she has them already on display in our living room for all to see when they walk into our home. My daughter got to go to her first NBA game to see the team we love. I wont say who it is because well I hate that drama lol. But if you know where we are then the options for who we can see are pretty small. And one of the people I have come to learn more and more speculation with comics I met Brian who runs and his wonderful girls and give them some Christmas gifts as well. And I finally went and checked out Mile High Comics. HOLY COW!!! #GOALS am I right? That store is amazing in size and atmosphere. Extremely high walls with comics everywhere. I am a small store of like 700-900 square feet, and they are like what 30,000, granted close to or more then 50 years will do that for a dedicated person. I hope to achieve a fraction of that. And the way we can build on that is by packing and shipping stuff at a good cost, customer service, and just being a place for people to get to know us. We are growing sometimes with small steps others with leaps and bounds.

This past 2 weeks we saw amazing sales. Some of our best days since we opened up in our small town. We had a good influx of orders over Christmas weekend online and the last 4 days have the best sales days we have had in a spell. Course we did have some sales to open up room on our shelves and counters and with the holiday that all added up. But it put us well ahead and will help very soon with end of the year inventory. Now we will be open for online orders and we will be open longer hours and a extra day a week going forward for the next few months to see how that all pans out. We may even be looking to add another employee part time to get more stuff done. I would love to step back from doing all the grading and buying and even some of the other tedious stuff that comes with a small business but I am looking to do that in small steps. We do not have much for older comics as of now for our page but we are adding them as much as I can with time, and making sure I don't overcharge or under charge the books and I like to be a bit on the cautious side for grades as well. We are going to be adding more items to eBay (mostly the higher dollar books as well as any copies we have more then 3 of) and will be stepping up our game for Facebook auctions and BIN on the many pages we are part of. So look forward to these kind of things. I hope to get my daughter into doing Tik Toks for us, as well as getting better with Instagram. All things that help with sales and all things that can show how good we are as a family business.

Well I wont take up too much more of your time. Please look for new books every week. We are adding board and card games. More pops, puzzles, and manga. and as always STAY NERDY MY FRIENDS!

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