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New Hours and Why

So I have been debating this more and more and seeing as how we dont have many people coming in after 7 most days and even fewer on saturday I will be going forward and if the lights are on and the door is open we will be open. If the door is locked well that just means we are not open on the weekend. The last 2 months we have had 3 customers stop in to the shop. So that will be the day that my employees will get stuff caught up, new comics, sorting, basic cleaning and of course game day for us nerds. My employees already know that if no one comes in after a certain time they are more then welcome to head home and I wont get upset. We all have lives right? With that being said I am getting back into DC comics big time, I love the new format that the digital reader offers and now am only a month behind all the series I like as well as getting into some new ones. Marvel is always a plus in my book and the new subscription box was great. A super sick (yes I know slang) Daredevil action figure in a case was by far the best yet. I am debating on getting back into lootcrate bc that was always a fun little hobby.

I finished painting my new babies wall and everyone seems to love it, that is a plus bc i was getting worried that I was doing it poorly. I will add the picture soon so you all can see it who dont follow me on facebook.

Lastly I have got to tell you all about our newest employee, Kass, she is a gaming nerd like most of us and is willing to learn comics where she never really had the chance before. I am proud to say that Dilon will be coming into his own and will be joining as a partner very soon. I am excited about that and with his lovefor toys and the hobbies we offer I think I am getting a good partner out of this. Soon I hope to be moving to a bigger location and we will see how all that pans out in the next few months.

I will leave off with saying new hours isnt a bad sign its just getting to be winter and with online sales we are doing good. We are not going anywhere anytime soon and with friends and family we are good to go for all our nerdy friends. Much Love Yall, Stay Nerdy My Friends!!!

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