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Shipping has dropped!

Well I for one hate the way that we have to pay more for holiday shipping. USPS tends to be slower this time of year. So what we will do is for every comic ordered we will add $0.75 a book for shipping and if you hit $50 on your order shipping will be free. Understand that this will be total and not include the discounts that I am sure you all are using and telling your friends about. With that lets get into some real stuff. This past weekend was a rough one physically and mentally. I know sleep is important but man when you are used to a certain amount of hours and get a fraction of that mixed with a bad bottle of water the world feels like it wants to push you down hard. Monday was my day off and normally I go into the shop and work all day and most of the nights bc I go to nights at my adulting job on tuesdau, but wow 230pm came around and I decided then to get up. Now i am playing catch up with stuff I should have been doing. Add to the fact we have all our books for this week to still add. And I got news that a person we rode the bus to work with took their life sunday its been a roller coaster of emotions. A good friend tells me how stressed they are after I hear about this and well damn life is hard at times but I have been at a low point in life where I as well had to hit rock bottom with suicide and depression before I as a man had to open my eyes. Through all this its strange to me that after over a year ago people that say they are your friends are just learning about my time that i did that. Shows who your good friends are and who just say they are. I have dealt with depression a good part of my life I now know and just chocked it up to being in a bad mood or tired. But I stress to everypne i know go talk to a therapist. That shit helps, and it doesnt make you less of a man or husband or father, if anything it will make you a better one. I still have down days but nothing like it was just a couple of years ago. My wife has been my rock and a amazing help to help break down those walls. But man kids can still drive you over that edge. I am just glad I have people i can talk to or even vent to now. I used to think I did before but the minute you have a bad day they toss that stuff back you hard and fast. So I guess what I am saying is if you ever need someone to talk to please if we know each other, message, call, email, I dont care, get that stuff off your chest. Stop by the store, lets break out a board game, crack a adult beverage or soda. And get that stuff off your chest.

Onto a different note. I have been talking to a great guy and trying my best to help him with learning the ropes of running or at least starting a business. No easy task with no training let me tell you what. But I love teaching and sharing info. I once had a boss tell me I am teaching you all this so the day they feel they cant have you around they will see what you know and realize how costly of a mistake that is. I have seen bosses who point command and expect, and the crews they run know nothing and are easy to replace, they tend to have the mentality that if they teach they will lose their jobs because their crew knows too much. I have also seen leaders, the ones that jump in get dirty and help you from start to finish. That no job no matter how gross or hard it is they will show you they wont ask you to do a thing they wouldnt do. Granted they are few and far between but you know a leader when you see and talk to them compared to a boss. And I love to be a leader and share anything I can. I have a few friends that in the course of a couple of years we talk and share input on our stores, products, and we send customers to each other and lift each and support each other. For that I hope more busineses do that going forward. With the way our economy is its a great feeling to know you got another shops back. And for that I will share anything I ever learn to anyone that ever asks. So go check out the stores that have helped me over the years.

And Finally the Newest Shop

So with that I will leave this to be for the weekend. Orders to fill, comics to add to the website, toys to add, stacks of video games have come in recently to our shop. And of course time with the family that is around. Wish my daughter Ary good luck on her ACT that she is taking this saturday. And Arrianna has now started basketball. So busy fall already good lord.

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