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Sorry About the Silence!

So it has been a crazy couple of weeks since last I sat down and wrote about the goings on at Nerds and with our family. After a 5 week multiple call a week campaign I finally got some good answers from Diamond (Our largest comic Distributor) and got a few things resolved. This set us back almost a full 2 weeks on subscriptions, and new books from them. As well as a change in who we contact. So it has been a blessing to be a owner and a curse both at the same time. Still having to talk to them about some credit stuff but we are finally after 6-8 months getting our books on time and not 3-6 days later then everywhere else. Lunar who supplies us with DC and Scout books, has done an amazing job at always being prompt, and for making sure everything is packed extremely safe. Unlike Diamond who i tend to have upwards of 20+ books damaged on almost every shipment, I have never once had a damaged book from Lunar.

On a sadder note, we will be parting ways with Entertainment Earth as soon as our back orders are complete and looking for another toy distribution center. EE has constantly in the 2 years we have been with them sent us damaged goods, never replaced the goods, and charges when the fancy seems to hit them and charge a arm and a leg for shipping. We are talking with a few other companies to provide toys for younger kids in our shop but with the local economy its not a great bet to carry as many toys as we had been.

We also changed our card distributor and they have been amazing for us. So we are finally caught up with the newest Pokémon and Magic the Gathering. And I personally love the horror aspect of this last release. We will be adding product to our page for cards a few weeks after local and walk in customers get the first dibs. If we get enough interest we plan on having a online only section for cards that will never see the shelves in our store.

Onto personal matters, my daughter has been playing better and better at volleyball and her season is almost over, she has played on 2 of the 3 teams in her category and been a starter for most of the season, to me I am extremely proud of her. She starts basketball in a few weeks and that is her sport of choice. She has requested I don't show off her picture of how she used to run even though as a parent it is a highlight with how funny it is. Tayshaun is also looking forward to basketball but not as much as he used to. He dealt with a insane amount of bullies and racism last year and over the summer that a few of the kids that play on the team has him stressed. So i hope he shows them up because that is always a great way to get back at bullies. Our oldest daughter is looking into collages and that is a scary thought with how much she has grown in the years i have known her. My wonderful wife has just a few semesters left and she will be a DOCTOR!! I as a nerd think i have unlocked a amazing achievement or trophy (for you PS peeps) by being married to a Dr. So when that happens trust me we will be having a big celebration for her. But I will leave today by saying this month marks our 2 year anniversary of being a business. We have seen a few downs (Covid, Personal Depression, Layoffs of locals) and some amazing Ups (Moving to a better location, more and more customers, affiliations, growth in local nerds) and we could not have gotten through the rough times without all the great people who have helped us grow. For that we will offer a "HBD2Y" code that will give everyone 15% for any orders placed this month via our online store (good for local pickup or shipping) and we will offer a scavenger hunt in the shop each week that will have 2-5 clues, and who ever can get all the clues will be entered into a drawing for $50 gift card. We are thinking of doing the same online but we will have to make it hard for tech savvy nerds. Take care everyone, Stay Nerdy My Friends!!

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