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What we are learning?

So after our last blog, thank you to everyone who took the time to read it, I must admit I am enjoying these strange things. They are therapeutic in a way I never thought could happen, and enlightening. My spelling and grammar is awful so thank the techno gods there is spell check with a click of a mouse. I had been looking over our pages and the books and items we are adding and was thinking why don't I have a search bar. Look I added one, after searching for how to add a search bar (something I never thought I would say) I finally figured out how to get one on here to help everyone. Now no one has asked but as we are fast approaching our first thousand items on the shop I realized that just looking at pictures is not helpful or time efficient. This world moves at a mile a minute and no one that i know takes it slow anymore. So i said the hell with it and added the bar. It simplified it to an amazing degree.

Since the last post was being worked on while at home relaxing with the family, or while I was stopped at my real job. I showed Aly how I liked to have stuff put into the page. And in just a few issues she was faster then me. I mean wth? Her and I knocked out a few hundred books on Wednesday and had a super productive day. I am more and more grateful for her being at my shop and I don't regret giving my friends daughter a chance here. We are pretty laid back and man when I ask her to do something she really picks up on it. I wont lie, when she decides to go to college i am going to be hard pressed to find someone i like working here as much as her. She has had her ups and downs what with this being her first job, but with talks on expectations, and her folks asking me to give them updates on how they can help her she has moved up fast and will make anyone she works for in the future a fantastic employee if she doesn't boss her self.

Another bit of news is we received a thank you card from when FCBD was going on, my sister Jenny invited our store to be a vender and show off stuff at a color run that she was a part of. We already had Free Comic Book Day going, so what we did was took 4 to 5 of each issue and sent them with my son Gauge and Aly's brother Harry to hand out comics to runners and kids. Never thinking past just being there for the community we were blown away when we were sent a card hand signed and written by the event coordinators. It was a small gesture of thanks but it means the world to us.

Last but not least, I am looking forward to running our Semi-Regular game on Saturdays we are off of work together. Robert, Jerry, Jeremy, Raven and Myself have developed a great dynamic in a RPG group. Heavy role play vs Roll Play. Those of you who know the difference will understand. We have a homebrew game going and they have decided to start a kingdom *shake my head laughing* Now my planning a game is this, 1-Do you guys wants to play? 2-What time? 3-See you there. I let my daughter Arrianna pick the monsters without me knowing most of the time. So it is all shooting from the hip. My group loves it. So i will keep it up. Playing RPG's with friends helps with escaping reality, depression, anxiety (unless its caused during the game) social interactions, and time with friends in our busy world. Its nerdy and its wonderful. Does my wife understand it, hell no, but she lets me rant on my games and acts like she cares, lol.

I will stop my ranting for the week now, I have to run to the postal office and drop off the dozen or so packages from the past weekend while I was working at my real job. Pick up our new hours sign and grab water, food, and my deliveries. Toys, and Comics for the week dropping on here very soon. Stay Nerdy My Friends! Much Love!

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